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Remote Monitoring

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Remote Access Support

By providing remote access to your control system, Votec can immediately diagnose any problems and, if necessary, modify software to accommodate changes in requirements.

Sometimes modifications are required to control systems after they have been installed on site. This can prove costly if an engineer has to attend site every time you need a change made, especially if site is overseas or in a remote location for instance. In addition, the fact that it can take time to get availability of a suitable engineer (and the time it takes for this engineer to travel to site) could potentially cause a real problem if your site issue is critical.

To mitigate this risk, Votec can install remote monitoring / access equipment in your control panel to allow the software to be interrogated from our factory. This way any problems can be investigated and changes made at short notice, at a greatly reduced cost.

Remote access with Votec

Votec’s remote access equipment is ‘IT friendly’ in that it does not need incoming connections enabled in your corporate firewall, should you have one. Nor will it give Votec access to the rest of your IT network. It merely uses an outgoing connection on your network, much like a normal PC would.

Alternatively if there is no local Ethernet connection available for our equipment, we can connect wirelessly via a cellular mobile connection.

In addition Votec can configure your system to send SMS alerts or emails to the required personnel in the event of an alarm.

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