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Legacy System Upgrading

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System Upgrading with Votec

As with all technology, control systems ultimately need to be updated or replaced. At Votec we offer a step forward programme on legacy control systems to bring your system up to date and ensure continued support & maintenance is possible.

Sometimes old control systems can no longer be supported as the hardware has become redundant and spare parts can no longer be sourced, or the software is running on a long since redundant operating system for instance. This can potentially be a real problem if your system is starting to fault, or worse still if it has actually failed.

System Surveys

Votec can fully survey your control system and carry out recommended updates / upgrades to, or replacement of, your equipment (dependent on the recommended course of action).

In addition a maintenance contract can be set up with Votec to give ongoing support to your equipment by regularly checking its health at either six monthly or annual intervals.

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